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Just say for instance - I had an MP3 (or some MP3's) and I wanted to create my own video, maybe with bits of video footage from a variety of sources, and some 'slides' or 'captions' - and then burn that whole thing to a DVD that I could play in a nightclub. What would be good software (Win XP) that could facilitate this for me?
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Microsoft has a free program called Photo Story 3, that takes photos and lets you set up captions and motion pans. It also lets you add your own music to them. You can then output to a .wmv.

Once you have made your montage movie you can use the Windows Movie Maker that comes with XP to import that and any other clips you have into one big movie.

You should be able to burn a DVD or VCD with the software that came with your burner.

Now this is not industrial strength, just free stuff from MS to get you going. I know there are a lot of good packages out there, but they cost a lot and I haven't used them.

For examples of what you can make, I have made several small videos based on screenshots from the game, Second Life. You can see them here.
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See this thread.
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MixMister Pro is a really simple piece of software that'll let you do that. For high-end stuff, most people I know use Vegas.
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