Polling Mefi for a Facebook Poll App
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What is the best way for a local business to post a promotional poll/survey on their Facebook profile page?

We are in Minnesota USA and run the Facebook profile page for a local business. We wish to post a poll/survey to the business's Facebook page to attract attention and customer feedback, but don't really know where to start in making this happen. I see there are several apps readily available when I search, but don't know how trustworthy they are. Can anyone provide guidance or point to a resource for this task?
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Facebook Questions is probably what you're looking for. It's baked into FB, and not a separate app.

"What is Facebook Questions? How do I use it?
Facebook Questions lets you get recommendations, conduct polls and learn from your friends and other people on Facebook."
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Yes, just use Facebook Questions
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As to your FB EdgeRank, which determines how visible your content becomes, you're better off slowly doing a bunch of FB Questions than a big survey.
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Oh, and if you really need to do a bunch of questions in one go, Wufoo forms is pretty plug and play and it will allow you to have the survey both inside and outside FB.
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