Looking for low-cost printing
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I'm looking for low-cost options for short-run printing.

I occasionally have short-run print jobs and want to find the best low-cost option. The jobs are usually direct marketing pieces—full-color, double-sided postcards, brochures and sales sheets. The runs are anywhere from 150 to 1,000 pieces. FedEx Office is usually too expensive, and print shops don't seem interested in such small jobs. I'd even consider an online upload service if the price is right.
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Best answer: 4over4.com is my usual recommendation for this. As cheap as you'll find, and as fast as you're willing to pay for.
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Best answer: Vistaprint.com
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Best answer: Last time I did a big batch of folded rack cards, I comparison shopped and ended up using Low Price Print. Very cheap, and the work was fine.
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I will second VistaPrint. We use them for work for exactly the type of stuff you mention, and they have been really excellent every time so far.
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Best answer: I'd take a look at psprint. They're fast and economical, especially if they have a sale on the item yuo're looking for. Best of all, their colors are rich and the prints always look great. They also don't send a ton of email spam, or try to upsell you during checkout which is something that I really despise about vistaprint.
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Best answer: uprinting . I've used them a lot, and they (awesomely) sponsor non-profits
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