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My 14 year old daughter loves to watch YouTube video blogs by Ryan Higa (Nigahiga) and Charlie McDonnell. She likes their humor, the fact that they're reasonably young & talented, and probably because they're both kind of cute. I'm looking for recommendations for similar video blogs for my daughter. They don't have to feature cute boys, but they should be appropriate for a young teen and shouldn't be vulgar, violent, or idiotic (as in "Fred"). Female video bloggers are welcomed, as long as they're not teaching beauty tips.
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Katersoneseven, lifeburry, catriffic, thevlogmonster. All female, all popular. They all kind of know each other. Most big youtubers know each other. Mix of vlogging and There are better female content but they are vulgar. Not something that a 14yo hasnt seen a million times, but you asked for clean.

Also not listing the biggest ones she probably knows like ctfxc, shaytards, ijustine, toby, etc...
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This girl is adorable and does really great sketches with her family. She does have a makeup channel that I don't subscribe to, and also has a personal vlog channel that is equally funny.

I'm putting this in here even though there's sparse vulgarity because Nat is a great idol and lord knows I was seeing worse on the 'net at 14. She's witty and smart and knows how to engage her audience.
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astrorice is a really smart 13 year old girl. One of her videos just went viral.
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The Vlogbrothers have a pretty big and supportive community of what appears to be primarily teenage girls.

They're a little older, but they're generally pretty positive and intelligent and encourage critical thinking and do a reasonable job of interacting with teenagers (one of them is a YA author). I really enjoy that they seem to be more engaged with the world in general, and do charity drives and meet with their viewers and such.

They explicitly avoid vulgarity, but there are occasionally things that could be considered inappropriate if you are particularly sensitive, such as goats giving birth or mating (apparently their parents own a goat farm).
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Seconding vlogbrothers; if you go back to the beginning of the project, there's plenty of content there to get caught up on and the fan community is one of the nicest online I've seen for the younger crowd.
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The Kids React videos are mostly dealing with memes, but they do have a few Youtube stars in there. They're not vlogs, but they're amusing, and very kid-friendly.

They've also recently started the Teens React series, which may be of more interest to her.
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Thirding vlogbrothers and nerdfighteria in general. My favorite nerdfighter is Little Radge.
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Cute, funny, and similar to nigahiga? kevjumba! But she might probably already know that because, yeah, most YouTubers know and collaborate with each other.
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So far the Vlogbrothers and Little Radge are major hits! Thanks for the recommendations.
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Not necessarily for teens, Target Women makes fun of trends in advertising aimed at females.
One of my favs:
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I somewhat recently found a pretty awesome female video-blogger, Elmify. Her videos are silly and approachable, and talk about situations in her life, including things like getting rejected from all of the medical schools she applied to.

The only make-up talk is kind of self-deprecating and hilarious.
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Elmify was also a hit and has been added to daughter's youtube subscriptions, along with Bryarly Bishop, Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and Crash Course (from one-half of the Vlogbrothers). Thanks!
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