Asus software is driving me crazy! Help me remove it/reinstall my OS.
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How to reinstall Windows 7 and retain only the wanted software? More inside.

Basically, I have an ASUS laptop that incidentally comes without an install disc. It also came with a lot of pre-installed junk that I don't need, and now that time has passed by I realized that this junk is affecting my laptop (I get lag spikes out of the blue).

Now I need a method to reinstall Windows 7 and back up all of my software (including saved passwords, and personal files) without the junk. I'm looking for a way that does not involve me having to go through the things one by one and copying them over to an external HDD. As a bonus challenge, out of my lack of perspective, I also installed programs in both drives (the ASUS laptops come with 2 drives, one C:\ drive that is the main drive, and a D:\ drive that is my Data drive). In reinstalling, I hope to just combine the two drives into one.

OR we could find an alternative that helps me to just remove all the junk (like say a magical Remove Asus Software program). I'm not annoyed with the two separate drives, it's mainly the ASUS utilities that make me want to throw the thing out the window.

I could be dissuaded however, as long as the reasons are good enough. I'll check by the next morning (gotta sleep now) for the best answer that takes into consideration my time, meaning that I want a solution that would not take more than an hour.strong
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Response by poster: Also, the laptop is an:
Asus K52J
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Best answer: Have you tried PC Decrapifier?
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Best answer: I have an Asus machine right now; the first thing I ran on it was PC Decrapifier. This forum post helps list the good, bad and ugly (mostly ugly) of Asus crap. I googled "asus bloatware" to find it; Decrapifier finds a lot of stuff, and a few of the programs are actually useful, so don't necessarily delete everything Asus just because it gets flagged; check out what it is first.
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Response by poster: Exactly what I was looking for! And quick as well! Thanks!
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By the way, my uncle got an Asus laptop for Christmas and it had a utility to burn restore discs. (I assume that would restore all the crap as well, though, especially since it was asking for seven blank DVDs.)
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