Iphone 3G stream music to stereo?
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would like to stream my itunes music content from my jailbroken 3g to my stereo via airport express. Is this possible? any Cydia apps? I dont want to route via remote through my iMac. Thanks!
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Depending on the version of iOS you're running on the 3G, you can use AirPlay and iTunes (on the 3G) to direct audio output to an AirPort Express. You do not need Remote or iTunes running on a desktop or laptop as an intermediate. Click on the AirPlay icon in the iOS-iTunes app to point the device to the AE. Any other app that also supports AirPlay will work in the same way (e.g. djay).
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Nope: Iphone 3GS supports airplay BUt not 3G
Anyone else?
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Not a direct answer, but seeing as no one else responded...

Any chance you're eligible for a free phone upgrade from your carrier? 3G is nearly 3 years old and the normal upgrade cycle is 2 (apologies if this is insultingly obvious)
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I decided to use this phone only as a back up phone on a different carrier (tmobile) with cheap annual minutes
so upgrade not an option
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It isn't airplay, but you can get a cheap bluetooth audio adapter to hook it to your stereo, and stream with bluetooth (assuming that the 3g does, indeed, support stereo audio over bluetooth)
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no one else?
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Cydia hack enables AirPlay in all apps

No idea if it works on a 3G or not, but it can't hurt to try, right?
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that Cydia hack cant be found (at least by me now) but thanks!
Might give allplay a shoy
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