HTML Lessons and live editor for kids.
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There is a series of HTML tutorials/lessons that are kid centric, but very well done. The site is structured with lessons and you can edit the HTML in the page (left hand side) and see it rendered on the right hand side. I remember there being a cartoon character wearing purple related to the site. Also yellow/orange. What site is this?
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I'm not sure this is it, but I remember going to this site Lissa Explains for HTML back in the day. Very kid focused, and super helpful for adults too! but I don't know that it has the mascot or split screen sandbox you're describing.
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W3Schools has a two-paned online HTML editor that's just like what you're describing... but I've never seen a cartoon character decked on purple on the site, though.
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I know the one you mean, but it was a brazillian years ago, back in the days of frames, right? I want to say something with planet... It was at the same time as was a main player.

You might want to try setting a timespan for your search on google, I was looking in the 1997-1999 range when I was reminded of webmonkey, and also Many sites at the time would have had "links" sections too, so you can try find some crappy geocities site and look under the "links" page in their no doubt javascript menu.

If you are thinking of something a lot more recent then please excuse. Either way, if it's for a kid learning now, then an ancient link probably isn't what you want anyhow.
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Here's an image of Webmonkey at the time, which was also rocking an orange and yellow look, and may be the one you are thinking of, although it is not the one I am now trying to remember (much stronger, darker colours and slightly plasticy look).
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I was thinking WebMonkey too.
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Response by poster: The thing I am looking for is similar in page layout to the W3Schools page but was linked in/integrated with tutorials.

I want to say it was some universities research project, rather than a company, but I still can't track down what my brain is trying to remember.
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