On winter boots confusion
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Do you own UGG boots ? Could you tell me a little bit more about your experience wearing them ?

I am in the process of choosing a pair of new boots. I think UGG has what I am looking for : warmth, quality, nice-ish style.

I am hoping to wear them with all styles of clothes, I am petite, slim, and mostly wear straigth pants (not slim pants, as I find them a little too tight, a little unconmfortably so). I also have a few knee-length skirts, or sweater-dresses. I get cold very easily.

These are the boots I'd like to get, probably in black. They exist as tall boots, and "short" boots (which is the style in which UGG boots are more regularly worn).

Here are my questions :
- would such high boots get me too warm in the winter ?
- would it get annoying, eventually, to get my non-slim pants into them, each day, or are they large enough so as not to be annoyed by such pants ?
- if i get the short ones, what would I be missing ? I wonder if it would be easier to wear pants with them, but the chance to be cold while wearing skirts increases.. Also, short ugg are what everone seems to be going for..

Thank you in advance, if you can help me. I can't figure out which pair to choose.. and a Very Happy New Year to you ! ;)
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... Actually, any advice from someone who would have worn really warm boots... is welcome.
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I personally like the short ones... I don't think you'd be missing much, unless you wear more skirts than trousers. Get the right size though- mine were slightly to big and it caused me to really break down the wool in the back. As for being to warm? I live in England and they are perfect for here.
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I have tall UGGs. They are fine with pants.

One thing I didn't expect was that I would want more support than they give while walking around. This may not be a problem with all UGGs but with mine, I feel like my feet are swimming around in them even though they are not too big. There is no obvious way to insert supports and have them stay in place. I wound up getting a pair of Nike winter boots for when I will be walking.
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Based on my experiences in Boston and Michigan, I don't think they'll be too warm, but I've found that those boots don't work well at all with pants unless they're leggings. With wider pants, you can get a weird bunching effect.

In your case, I'd get the shorter ones for your skirts and dresses, because the taller ones might look a tad frumpy with your knee-length hems. Combine them with tights and knee-high socks for skirts and you should be fine. Then you can try them with your pants and see what happens.

99% of the time I wind up going with slim insulated leather boots that can go under my pants when I'm wearing anything except slim cuts.
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It may be that I'm a Maine girl, but nothing beats L.L Bean's classic boot. They have short versions, too.

I personally think Uggs put the "ug" in "ugly." I fail to see how they could possibly be so popular since every pair I have seen makes me cringe style wise.

But then, I'm probably far more function over form than most people.

So if you're looking for function (especially on the warmth part), L.L Bean is the way to go. And since the company repairs and fixes their own merchandise for, pretty much, your lifetime, you're also getting a far better value than probably with just about any other boot out there.
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One thing I didn't expect was that I would want more support than they give while walking around.

The "ultimate short boot" as I believe it is called has a removable insert to allow for orthotics or Dr. Scholl's products. I'll be getting a pair of those this month so that I can use my orthotics.

I can't speak to tucking pants; I would never do it -- too old and hippy. I wear boot cut pants for the most part.

There is now a smooth leather version of shearling-lined Uggs, and you might get the most use of those. They'd be easier to clean, too.

L.L. Bean's shearling-lined Ugg-like boots made my feet and shins bleed. Ugg shearling is much, much softer. Other Bean boots are great!
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Beware that Uggs are not waterproof, so they will not be warm at all (and will also quickly develop a special sheepskin-y odor) in rain, sleet, slush, or an accidental step into a puddle. For the price, I'd opt for something that you can wear in wet or snowy weather, too.
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Boston-area female here. After years of wearing LL Bean, I caved and bought these Uggs last year. They don't have the waterproof problem because they're leather on the outside, not suede, and I love them and want to kick myself for all those years of freezing feet in those LL Bean boots.

I know people think of them as a fashion joke but I cannot tell you how comfy, warm and cozy these boots are.
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Go and try them on before ordering online. I have found the sizes vary depending on the style.
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I have a pair of talls uggs, which I can't seem to find anywhere online to show you a picture. I rarely wear them inside my pants, because like someone said above, it gets a weird bunching problem even with my skinny jeans. They are warm and comfortable. Mine are suede so I have to spray them every winter with a protector - but they've held up fine with that. The only thing that slightly annoys me is that the padding/fur on the inside does get worn down over time and there's not a great way to fix that.
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I love them. I have worn them in the snow and around ski resorts and I live in the Seattle area, they have not been a problem in the rain. Get the care kit and use it. The only thing I would change is that I would get one of the pairs with the easily removable soles because to get mine changed I had to take them to the cobbler. You will be warm, on a side note I just bought the slippers and I love them too. Those are great sheep.
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Uggs are hideous things (the ones you picked especially - wow), but omg they are SO warm and cozy and the best thing ever. After years of resisting, I finally got a pair last winter (I live in Boston), and my feet have never been so toasty and happy. I don't think you'll be too warm; I do think you may have bunchy pants issues. Can't go wrong with Bean boots as far as versatility, weatherproofed-ness, or classic winter fashion go, but they just aren't a giant fuzzy hug for your feet the way that Uggs are.
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It is now sub-zero where I live. Last winter, after seeing my shoes, a friend of mine begged me to get Uggs.

Pros: super warm, cozy
Cons: they are super hard to get off your feet while standing. I take my shoes off when I get home, and without laces or zippers, these are hard to take off. However, you could just sit down to remove your shoes.

Oh, and they are ugly, which is why I resisted them. However, where I am now, I need to stay warm!
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Uggs are far, far warmer than Bean boots. Like you can wear them at -20 with one pair of thin socks and be totally fine warm. The biggest problem I have with sheepskin boots is if you're going in and out a lot in the snow the leather eventually gets wet through and if it's really cold it'll freeze solid. This doesn't impact the warmth much, surprisingly. But they do take a long time to dry if you totally wet them through. The spray helps quite a bit but if its good to have a waterproof pair of boots as back up for wet snow.
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Those fat-foot shaped Uggs are definitely uh, ugly, but Uggs come in all kinds of different shapes now. I would buy these in a heartbeat if they were in my price range.
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In my experience, if it gets too warm and you wear them, and/or they get wet they'll develop a stink inside that will never, ever go away and eventually you'll just throw them out because it's so gross.
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