Looking for a good father/daughter book
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Looking for a good father/daughter book for upcoming baby girls. (twins!) I've been looking but I've had some trouble because of three things I'm looking for:

First, I'd like the book to be available on Kindle.

Second, I kept finding books that were heavy on religion - so if I can find something that's not A Religious Book, that'd be nice. (morals, lessons, and spirituality is fine of course! :)

Third, I am well acquainted with the very real issues of body image, over-sexualization, media poisoning our girls' self esteem, etc. These are important topics, but I'd rather it be a chapter or portion of a book, not the focal point of the whole thing.

I spoke to someone who said "boy or girl, just spend a lot of time with them and it'll be fine". I'm looking for this level of guidance in book form while I get psyched about raising two baby girls. Thanks!
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Congrats! Try Playful Parenting, not specifically about girls, but very useful in talking about parenting healthy, strong and confident children.
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I came back to your question today to read the answers...but ????!!
I am really not sure myself what you are looking for. My first thought was that you want books to read to small children....but the rest of the question sounds more like you are looking for a book about raising girls. Those are probably rare like hen's teeth. What about books dealing with gender neutrality and raising all children to respect and love themselves? How to help your child thrive and develop a good healthy self image? Those books might be easier to find.
Congratulations on your little daughters to be!!
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I haven't read the book, but Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know looks like something that might fit your criteria. If it's too focused on older girls, the best parenting book that I have read is Brain Rules for Baby. It's evidence-based and highly practical.
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My partner really likes Po Bronson's work - not daddy-daughter specific but it's something that really resonated with him.
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