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i'm looking for music recommendations a la the song that - shudder - was sung by jude law and the other italian guy in the "talented mr. ripley". it's a 30s-40s jazz number but upbeat, minor-key, with an italian/spanish flavor: Tu Vuo' Fa l'Americano. anyone recommend a band, artist, or album of such recordings? [older recordings would be preferable to some modern "nostalgia" recording (a la paris combo)]
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I enjoy that song as well. I don't really listen to anything else like it (I'm mostly into 50s-60s jazz), but I wouldn't mind hearing more.

Since I don't know other artists off hand I suggest doing an search for the song title ( > Music > Search - Song Title > Tu Vuo' Fa l'Americano). This will show you what other artists have the song on their album (about 32 hits). Some will even have audio samples so you can hear what their other songs sound like.

Good luck.
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Well, that was Adriano Celentano, so you might want to check out some of his other stuff...
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Here's some artists that have recorded that song:

Dany Brilliant
Sofia Loren
Renato Carosone
Renzo Arbore
Ray Gelato
Gisella Cozzo & Marco Guerzoni
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So weird.

Just a few hours ago, I could _not_ get this exact song out of my head. It had since subsided, but now, thanks to AskMe, it's back. Damn internets!

In any case, at least I know who performed it now.
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He's contemporary, but you might enjoy Sanseverino. Another clip at "ecouter".
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