Song ID needed
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Soul song ID needed!

I heard a soul tune at my local dance night but the DJs couldn't ID it after the fact. I recorded the part that's been going through my head (the evolved version, I suppose, as I've been going over and over the one line): my piano approximation

I'm pretty sure it's a male singer/group, upbeat, a little faster than my recording (I think). Perhaps in a different key. 60s/70s. It was played on a record. There was another little part I'd remembered but I have since forgotten. Any ideas?
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I'll ask a friend of mine, who's a 60s/70s soul DJ. Do you mind posting your location? It might be a clue for him as to what it might be, since certain tracks can be big in certain areas.
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Response by poster: Minneapolis! Thanks!
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Oh, damn. That sounds so familiar, but I can't place it. Have you tried or are you able to try SoundHound?
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Response by poster: No Apple products to use, unfortunately. :( This is still driving me crazy! There's also a little part that sounds like a doorbell. And I think the chorus (the part I recorded) is repeated later in the song without the vocal part.
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It'll work on Android or Windows phones, too, and I just noticed that there is a free version (missed that before, somehow) so I downloaded it, but it didn't seem to have much luck with your piano clip, unfortunately.
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I haven't heard back from my friend, unfortunately, but I don't know if that means he's stumped or has just been swamped with the holidays. I'll keep trying.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, guys!
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