Help me find a urologist. A nice one, please.
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MeFites of Los Angeles (and environs), can you recommend a good female urologist?

Can anyone recommend a female urologist in the L.A. area who will not blow off my persistent, recurrent urinary tract infections? I really need someone with an excellent bedside manner. Since I have a PPO insurance plan, I will happily take any recommendations, although a doctor working at Kaiser probably can't help me.

Also, has anyone had any experience with UCLA's urology department? I'm poking through the list of doctors that my insurance will provide the most coverage for and a lot of them are affiliated with UCLA urology.

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He's not a female but I've had good experiences with Dr. Peter Schulam at UCLA.
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search tip - also check out specialists in urogynecology rather than urologists, e.g., a gynecologist who specializes in uro-gyn, or a nurse practitioner with post-masters in urogynecology.maybe that could help expand your search options?
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