Now iPhone, iPad, can you two play nice or do I have to have you separated?
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Can I use the same Macbook Pro (and iTunes account) to sync up both an AT&T iPhone AND a Verizon iPad?

I currently have an AT&T iPhone which I sync with my Macbook Pro. My lovely wife currently has a Verizon iPhone which she syncs with her own Windows machine (separate Apple store account as well.) She very generously bought me a Verizon iPad2 for Christmas thinking that she would just add the iPad data plan to her existing Verizon account. However, I'm wondering if I'll be able to do this since the iTunes on my Macbook Pro still "thinks" I have a data plan with AT&T (via my existing iPhone.) Is iTunes smart enough to recognize that the iPhone and iPad are using two different data carriers but the same Apple store account, or is my best bet to return the Verizon iPad and just get an AT&T version?

Note: I also realize that I could create my own Verizon account just for the iPad and pay month to month, and I'm willing to do that, but it seems a little cumbersome for both my wife and I to have two separate accounts with Verizon. I've yet to open the iPad and just connect it and see what happens in case I end up needing to exchange it. Thanks in advance.
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That should work fine. You could always call up Apple tech support and ask, if you want a definitive answer.

iTunes pretty much deals with things like data plans on a per-device basis -- it doesn't represent it as "you have an AT&T data plan, AND an iPhone", but rather "you have an iPhone which has an AT&T data plan". Adding "an iPad which has a Verizon data plan" is fine, they'll be treated separately.
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The mobile carrier does not matter whatsoever. You can sync any and every i-device ever made to the same computer all at the same time.
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My husband does exactly this (Verizon iPad and AT&T iPhone) with no issues whatsoever.
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nthing - bandwidth is bandwidth; the apple accounts aren't related to the cellular billing.
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nthing - I do this with an AT&T iPhone, Verizon iPad, and no-carrier iPod Touch with no problems.
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