Simple, cheap way to get onto iOS Newsstand
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Is there an easy, inexpensive way to get our small periodical onto the iOS newsstand?

A fair number of our readers have iPads or other apple devices, and we think they'd like to access our monthly journal via Newsstand, for iOS.

We've been looking at Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite. Adobe would be a great fit because we already use Premiere to develop our issues. However, it seems to get subscribers / notifications in iOS newsstand, you've got to use DPS Professional, which is $500 a month.

We're less familiar with Quark Xpress's offerings but it also seems to come close to $2000 for a multi-issue subscription, plus hundreds in fees. We've also looked at Aquafadas and MagPlus but their pricing seems similar. Our margins are thin as it is and we're not sure this is going to be worth the investment.

Are there any methods or software solutions we're missing? I guess I thought it'd be easier / cheaper to upload a PDF or .folio file to the App Store on a monthly basis, and notify users when a new issue had been posted.
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If you register for an apple developer account you can watch the building newstand apps from wwdc 2011. It might be worth the investment of hiring an iOS developer and building your own app to handle your content, like using a CMS.

I have no idea what newstand apps contain, but im sure you could get something built and maintained for less than these companies are asking for.
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