Can I reshrink this sweater?
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I had a have a sweater that was very fitted in the sleeves. Without thinking, I spent the day with the sleeves rolled up (I had a dress shirt underneath it). Now the sleeves are all stretched out. Is the sweater permanently this way, or will running it through the dryer shrink it? It is 60% cotton / 30% viscose / 10% wool.
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Best answer: Follow the washing instructions(hand wash, machine cold water, etc.)
While its damp put it on a couple of towels on top of a table, etc. and push the sweater back into the shape it started. My mother called this blocking a sweater. You may have to turn it over and work on it again so it will dry more thoroughly. I've had good luck with all wool sweaters this way especially in the cuff areas where I push the sleeves up.
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Best answer: This happens to all of my sweaters. Running them through the wash always returns them to their original state; it doesn't matter whether I lay them flat to dry or run them through the dryer (depending on their laundering instructions).
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The sweater is mostly cotton, so the dryer should work. I would try blocking for items with more than 50% wool.
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Cotton knit always gets stretched out so with 60% cotton you're probably always going to have that proble. Usually washing and laying flat as PJMoore suggests will reshape it but my guess is that it's going to keep happening.
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Just washing it according to the washing instructions will probably fix it most of the way. Knits stretch out when you wear them. Cotton especially.
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Response by poster: Sweater saved! It was a more expensive sweater and I didn't want to take any chances.
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