Help me find this video of the ultimate newscast fail
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I need help finding a particular TV newscast fail video (that, IIRC, was posted on that blue). Specifics within.

So, this video came out maybe a year and half or two years ago. In the clip, several of the reporters do something to mess up -- flubbed lines, awkward silences, incorrect graphics. I remember specifically that the clip ended with a remote shot, and the cameraman kept zooming in on a person in a hoveround in the distance. Does this ring a bell for anyone? I've searched all over youtube and can't find it. Help!
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Best answer: Could it have been this one? The video's been removed, but perhaps the comments will ring a bell.
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Response by poster: Yes, yes! That's it. That at least gives me some more information to work from. Surely some off-shoot site managed to save the video during those heady pre-SOPA days.
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Response by poster: Found it.
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