Is it time for a new console?
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My Gamecube will no longer recognize any disc put in it, I just get the configuration screen as if there was no disc inserted. Is it (for practical purposes) toast?
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Let's start with simple stupid troubleshooting:

1) Is the GameCube door completely closed? Is the disc locked into place?

2) Are the memory cards inserted all the way?

3) Is the GameCube in a ventilated area? If not, get a can of compressed air and blow the vents clear of dust.

4) Do you have a Game Boy Player attached? Have you modded the GameCube? Is there any other peripheral attached that could be the culprit?

5) What happens if you turn on the GameCube without a disc in the machine? Does the config/menu screen come up? If so, insert a disc and push Up on the control stick from the main config screen to access the disc. What happens?

6) If the GameCube less than one year old? If so Nintendo will fix it for free. If not they will still fix it, but for a $50 fee. has the forms for repair.
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1. 2. 3. Yes
4. Nope
5. Without a disc does the same as with a disc. When you go to access a disc, whether there is a disc in it or not, it says no disc.
6. Nope. Thanx for the tidbit on the Nintendo repair.
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Aside from the mechanism that recognizes when a disc is in the machine being dirty or damaged, I'm out of ideas. Might be time for a new Cube if you don't want to go the repair route.
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Some GameCubes would have overheating problems that would display this behaviour. Try turning the console off and unplugging it for the day.

Also double check that the laser is clean... Just one bit of dust in the wrong spot will cause it to go from working to not.
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Yeah I have dusted, air-canned it and left unplugged several days. I guess it's time to buy another. Thanx everyone for helping confirm that to myself.
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I've heard this happening w/ GameCubes so much more frequently than with any PS2 or XBox.
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xmutex : Where did you hear that about Gamecubes? I have all three machines. My first gen PS2 laser died within 18 months. My Xbox just recently stopped booting games at all (after a few months of intermittent problems), and I had to dismantle the entire machine and DVD drive, in order to manually clean the laser.

To the OP : If you can, try giving the laser a gentle clean with a cotton bud dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol (you should be able to pick this up at any electronics store).
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