silly headphone question.
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I have these Audio-Technica headphones. You can see in this picture that the connector has a spring which serves as strain relief on the cable. Only my spring has come out of its housing like so. How can I get it back in?

I have tried to get the end of the coil caught under the lip of the housing and then spin it so as to work its way down the spring. This doesn't work; I'm not sure why. It seems to just spin in place. Do you have any other ideas?
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Does the connecter detach from the cable? Also, why dont you try narrowing the spring on the cord (the thicker part) and just putting it back in using a screwing method?
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Hook the end of the spring underneath the jack's housing and screw it back in.
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Oh, sorry. That's what I've done before when the same thing has happened to me.
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Thanks guys. I finally got it, not by screwing it in, but by just shoving one side of the coil in, then the other, until it was all in.
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