What is a simple way to have Twitter update Google+?
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Selective Tweets updates a Facebook status via Twitter. Is there G+ equivalent? The Publish Sync Chrome extension used to do what I want but it is now gone from the Chrome Web Store. (I'm cool with workarounds like ifttt.com but Yahoo Pipes makes my brain cry.)
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Best answer: Google+ doesn't have an write API. The only way for a web app to update your G+ account would be for it to cache your Google password. Google would block them, and probably scold you for a TOS violation.

So the answer is "No. Not until Google+ has a write API."
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Maybe not an ideal solution, but it would be easier for you to go in the other direction. With something like ifttt, you can definitely repost G+ -> Twitter
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Please don't do this. I hate when I'm on Facebook and someone makes a Twitter post.
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There's a workaround to post to Google+ via email that involves a bit of sleuthing and hackery with a Google Voice account but frankly it is just so completely not worth it. I wanted this exact same thing myself but eventually gave up on it when I realized that nobody uses Google+ anyway.
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Response by poster: I wish I could mark multiple answers as the best, because all these answers made me think about my question in different ways. DoctorFedora made me laugh. G+ does feel like the tree fort that was fun to build but boring to sit in once it was complete.

radioamy, I hate those broadcast posts too. Especially strewn with RT#t.co garbage. I'll make site-specific posts instead. It's not like I'm so busy I need to be automate everything.

Thanks everyone for your input.
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