What does the night know?
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HELP! My wife won't be able to sleep tonight unless she knows what happens in "What the Night Knows" by Dean Koontz. Please put all the spoilers here!

She bought an audio book so she could stay awake while driving - horror works best for her. But she's home and tired now and needs to know what happens in this book before she'll be able to relax.
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Here is a forum where people are discussing the book, including spoilers, and a lot of them talk about the ending but none seem to have a succinct summary.
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Spoilerific synopsis.
The psychic kid, Minnie, builds a time portal out of Lego. Her cop dad John has been possessed by the demon, and leaps through the portal, arriving at the time and place where his family was killed years before. He is strong enough to defy the demon though and vanquishes it. In the epilog he and his family use the portal recreationally to take long walks with the dog who died.
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