How do I get tweets on my android phone without the extra baggage?
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How do I follow a few people on twitter via my android phone without all the extra baggage that seems to come along with it?

I would just like to receive tweets from a few interesting people that I imagine are tweeting a few items a week that might be clever or funny. For instance if Jimmy Kimmel, or Louis C.K. are tweeting 3 or 4 times a week each, I'd like to get a little notification on my phone and then read their witty little item. I don't want people's responses to that tweet, or their replies to other peoples replies. etc... I'm not a twitter guy, by any means, and NEVER plan to post a tweet myself, or even log into the Twitter website more than absolutely necessary. I've tried a couple times in the past and it always seems like I'm wading through a bunch of stuff I don't want and often don't understand.

Can someone give me some guidance?

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Yes. Just follow those few people. You will not see replies from other people to them (unless they retweet them) and you won't see replies to people you're not following.

Alternatively, pull the RSS feed for those few people and put it in Google Reader, e.g.
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Not sure the issue here: create a twitter account - follow the people you want using the native client - done. You won't see other people's replies - it's not like a threaded discussion.
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Seesmic works really well for me on Android. It just shows my own tweets and those of the people who I follow. You can set it up to update automatically and show notifications for new tweets.
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Just follow people using text messages. It worked great for me, and I was able to "upgrade" to the app/website when I wanted to take advantage of the full Twitter experience.
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Google Reader. Like that.
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I don't want people's responses to that tweet, or their replies to other peoples replies. etc..

Twitter has changed quite a lot as it has grown in popularity, and while in the past you would have seen your followees talking to their friends, currently you have to try really hard — or Louis C.K. has to go out of his way to share — to see anything other than tweets from the people you are following.

Short answer: just try it again. For better or worse (today, number one reckons it's for the worse) Twitter is ever-evolving, and all your previous issues with it may be fixed—quite possibly with new annoyances arising in their place.
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