Help me follow a twitter account on my android
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My phone's running on Android Froyo. I'd like to track someone's twitter account real time on my home screen without having to create my own account. Is there any way to do this?

If it helps, the reason why I want to do this is because of the account's flash sale announcements. My phone is a Galaxy Mini (Samsung).

Plus points if I get a beep for every new tweet from that account.
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Do you have an RSS widget you can put on your home screen? Every Twitter stream has an RSS feed. You can use Tasker to set it up to check every minute or whatever and to play an alarm when it updates.
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I've just tested DarlingBri's suggestion using Stephen Fry's twitter feed, copying the rss link (on the right hand side of the web page) into a Minimal Reader widget (by Joaquim Verg├Ęs) grabbed for free from the google market. Turned off the auto-scrolling (so it only displays the latest), set the refresh to 15 minutes, and it seems to do what you're after in a 4x1 widget, though without the beep.

Other RSS widgets that may be more to your taste; RSS WidgetBoards, Complete RSS Widget, Any RSS Reader + Widget.
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a tweetdeck widget will do that, I think what you'll do is go in to tweetdeck, add your account, go to the page of tweets of the person you want to follow and choose "Add Column" and use the column widget.
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