Mobile Twitter for the visually impaired?
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I'm looking for a phone and software that would make sense if you were using Twitter and if you were blind.

The intended use is for walking down the street noticing things, having a hand in a warm pocket with a phone in it, and typing on the phone in such a way that you didn't have to see the screen.

I'm presuming that I have an earpiece of some kind.

The "blind typing on a keyboard" seems like a doable challenge, even on a touch screen. Would you have a keyboard with easy to find buttons, or with a gesture interface, or even with some kind of morse code input? All plausible.

For getting an intelligible stream of audio from Twitter, I found Qwitter, a Windows application that does smart things. Tweety has sample code on Android that works with that phone's text-to-speech system.

I'm not actually visually impaired, so I start with some kind of disadvantage, not knowing what's already been done.
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It's really easy to make an app accessible on an iPhone. It would surprise me if the official wasn't accessible. Here's a nice overview of voiceover on the mac.
posted by Brent Parker at 12:32 AM on October 10, 2011

Apple is going to do a lot with Twitter integration in iOS 5, and together with Siri I guess you can't do better than an iPhone 4s.
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I noticed that the Siri video featured a blind woman prominently. I read somewhere today that Google voice commands can do this so ostensibly any android phone.
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