FOK JOU! (fok jou!)
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Hi. Help me find fun pop songs, not in English, which are full of profanity.

I'm rather into The Opposites' "Fok Jou!" right now- but really, it can be of any genre. I'm just looking for music that is danceable, full of profanity, and not in English.
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Best answer: JE VEUX TE VOIR

dans les filmes pornographique
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Molotov - Chinga tu madre

Most of Molotov's songs have profanity.
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Die Antwoord's songs are partially in english and partially in Afrikaaner and (sometimes) Xhosa

Wat Kyk Jy

Evil Boy
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Best answer: I dig Stereo Total's "Aua". The lyrics aren't specifically profane... but they are really quite kinky and twisted... and the song just kicks so much arse.

"- Have ... Uh Oh Oh... Mercy!
- You feel my whip?
- No, leave me alone, stop hurting me
- You like it, huh?
- Sadist!
- I was told you like it, huh, slut?
- Have mercy, bastard !Oh, no, let me go!
- I make you bad, eh?
- Stop twisting my arm!
- You better run now. You feel my whip?
- Do you not see that you're hurting me?
- Physical pain is relentless.
- I want to go... oh, mercy!"
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Pop Porno by Il Genio, which is in Italian. Not so much swearing, but plenty of, well, porn.

Includes the lyrics:

"You are mean to me because you wake up at 3am to watch those movies that are a little bit porno, you are mean to me because you love dreaming of those women who are a little bit porno... but when evening comes you talk to me of love and, looking me in the eyes, make me feel like a woman who is a little bit porno"
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5'Nizza - Jamayka

I don't know exactly what they are saying, but the Russian guy at work got all embarrassed when I asked him to translate for me...
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Also, here's the translation for the Sektor Gaza one. It's funnier in Russian, trust me.
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Seconding Leningrad, I don't think there's a single song by them that doesn't involve a loooooot of swearing. And they're awesome.
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Yup, came in here to suggest Leningrad as well, particularly Menya Zovut Shnur. Such a great song!
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FOK JULEE NAAIERS = fuck you fuckers
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Jack Parow - Dans, Dans, Dans ticks the boxes and is liter than Die Antwoord.
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