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New Netflix Wii version is crap. How can I revert?

In the last couple weeks, my Wii offered me an "upgrade" to the Netflix channel. Like a fool I installed it right over the old one, and it won't let me seek within programs, and the interface is generally terrible. Is there any way to go back a version? Google finds me nothing.
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Netflix may not support streaming to the old version of the channel any more. It may be a forced upgrade. I got the update too and it didn't bother me much.
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Crap, I installed this last night but didn't try watching anything. You can't seek while watching something?? And now I am reading elsewhere that it is slow and choppy.

It's not a forced upgrade (yet) - I was just tired of seeing the prompt every time I started the app. I assumed it was just adding the "Netflix for kids" things which I would proceed to ignore.

Sorry I have no answers, but I'll be researching this more tonight from home and of course watching this thread.
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Have you tried searching torrent sites and Usenet for the version of the Netflix app that you want? If you find it, you can copy it to your Wii via SD card.
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Found one. MeMail coming.
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I haven't actually tested this yet, but I've seriously contemplated just running netflix off the disc they sent me before it was a downloadable app.
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An update:

I put the old disc in last night and it told me that version of the player was no longer supported. Does anyone know if the SD card method works?
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