Loud soungs with some folk and not about mashed potatoes
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Folksy, loud, strong music. Is this a genre? I recently discovered this song, and would like to find more with a similar sound.

So I discovered this song from a Citibank commercial. I know, I know… but it was more to find out the lyrics, because the few seconds they played in the commercial sounded like "nobody mash potato!" to me. I needed to know - why won't anyone mash the potatoes?!

After googling around listening to the full song and realizing that my crappy TV was deceiving me, I just love the song and its sound. Very, very much. This folksy, loud sound just resonates. I need to find more music like this.

Florence and the Machine's Dog Days Are Over is one, but what else?

Doesn't have to be sung by a woman, or in English, or contemporary.
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You could try Wye Oak, especially their new album, Civilian. My personal favorite is The Altar.
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Maybe Mumford and Sons?
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Fleet Foxes? This song was recorded in an old cistern in the State Park in my town.
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I am a fan of this sort of music and I like me some John Butler Trio.
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You probably already know it, but Neutral Milk Hotel's Two-Headed Boy
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Neko Case.
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The Civil Wars' Barton Hollow might appeal to you.

Brandi Carlile also has a pretty powerful, scream-y voice.
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Two of my favorite Neko Case:

John Saw That Number
The Needle Has Landed
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You might like some loud country music. Try Dwight Yoakam for starters.
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You might like some Old 97s. Seconding Neko Case. And you might have seen this, and it might be more on the rock and less on the folk side for your tastes, but you should go click the links in the fantastic post about Ida Maria.
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I think you are looking for Melissa Ferrick. Neko Case is also great, but Melissa Ferrick is high energy and right up in your face. Neko Case has some high energy stuff, but I find that her style is actually very ethereal and dreamy.
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Hank III
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You might like a lot of the Mountain Goats stuff like See America Right, Going to Georgia, or This Year. His later stuff starts to have a backing band, but most of his older work is just him, a guitar, and tons of intensity.
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OK, it is basically impossible to find listenable recordings of this band on the internets, but you want the Nields, I am pretty damn sure. Go listen to this cover of I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry. Are those harmonies not completely bananas? If you are the least bit fond of them, maybe listen to the rest of the album that's up on the same youtube channel, but it is actually more folky and less loud than the stuff I have in mind. What you really want is to get your hands on their version of Goodnight Irene, the title track from the album Gotta Get Over Greta, and the song Snowman from the album Play.
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Oh my god, I can't believe someone else has heard of the Nields! And I can't believe that I was dumb enough to not recommend them. They are fantastic.
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Laura Love
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Sweden's Dylan, The Tallest Man on Earth, does this well. (Link is to a live performance with funny cutaways to swooning girls in the audience, whose boyfriends obliviously peck them on the cheek.)
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I'm also a big fan of this style of music. More votes for Neko Case, Mumford and Sons.

I suspect you will LOVE this new song from Dan Mangan, too.
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Buddy and Julie Miller's Keep Your Distance.
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Damien Jurado has some slow, depressing folk songs, but you might enjoy some of his up-tempo ones - Gillian Was A Horse is a good example. I love this song.
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Folksy, loud, strong? Sounds like Gillian Welch to me.
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I've been a fan of Big Smith for quite a while. They do a "loud strong" bluegrassy-gospely thing.
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If you like Niko Case, try Eilen Jewell.
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Michelle Shocked

Her song Gladewater is a much better example of what you're looking for, but I couldn't find it on YouTube.
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The Cave Singers are chock full of foot-stompy goodness. The first video on that page (Dancing on Our Graves) is one of my favorite songs from them.

Timber Timbre's Oh Messiah has a similar sound; sort of the backwoods gothic foot-stompy sound with a few twists (and shouts).
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Okay, and just in case you listen to MsMolly's linked Mountain Goats songs and swoon, I have to step up for Estate Sale Sign, which is one of my favorite shouty songs from them, although not necessarily folky as much as it's rough around the edges.
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Holy crap, rtha, I can't believe someone from the west coast has heard of the Nields! Awesome. I agree that Neko Case and the Old 97s are also awesome.
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This is one of my favorite kinds of music. Some stuff in this vein that I love:

The Head and the Heart, Lost in my Mind (Down in the Valley is not loud and strong, but it is lovely nonetheless).

The Decembrists, Down by the Water.

A lot of Rilo Kiley's older stuff fits this definition - check out Does He Love You? and With Arms Outstretched.

Also, thank you so much for posting this! I've been meaning to ask a similar question forever but hadn't gotten around to it.
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check out these two songs by florence and the machine:
"remain nameless" and "only if for a night" it has exactly what you are looking for
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