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I'm a straight chick, but I think that Mirah's songs (early stuff - first two albums) are super sexy. Can you recommend other musicians, albums, or songs with a similar aesthetic/tone?

To clarify, some of her songs that I think exemplify what I'm looking for:

Gone Sugaring
Make it Hot

They're all about sex (more or less), but in kind of a coy way... hard to explain. Looking for more!
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Dresden Dolls
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You should take a look at some of Jennifer Charles' projects, especially Lovage.
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actually I forgot how good Elysian Fields is as well.
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Artist - Album (and sample song):

Regina Spektor - Soviet Kitsch (song)

Bosque Brown - Baby (song)

Lenka - S/T (song)

Rilo Kiley - The Execution of All Things (song)

The Breeders - Pod (song)

I pay much more attention to music than lyrics, so I can't promise those all have the lyrical themes you're looking for. They sound similar to me.
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If you listen to Mirah you probably already listen to The Blow, but if you don't... do. I couldn't find a link to "The Touch Me" or "How Naked Are We Gonna Get," but check out "Jet Ski Accidents."
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Also Cocorosie.
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You know, the first couple of Mirah albums were produced by Phil Elverum, the main guy in the bands The Microphones and Mount Eerie. His stuff recorded around a similar time has a lot of the same aesthetics.

I'd also like to second that Regina Spektor album, and The Blow (especially early The Blow). And I'll add Emily Haines (of Metric)'s quieter solo work.
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Ha! I've been alternating between "Make it Hot" and Olof Arnald's cover of "With Tomorrow/I'm on Fire".
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first couple of Mirah albums were produced by Phil Elverum

I don't want to detract from Mirah's special magic, but an important part of (what I think of) as the early Mirah sound is also kind of the (a?) Dub Narcotic sound, and a lot of music produced there has it, for me, whatever that it is. The Blow has already been mentioned--I came by to enthusiastically recommend Poor Aim--but even Calvin Johnson/Beat Happening has it, to an extent, if you're willing to look past how un-Mirah Calvin Johnson's voice can be (and I know plenty of people who can't).
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Smacks of Liz Phair's second album to me, Whip Smart.
(*sigh* why oh why did i ever pawn this album?)

The Raincoats, maybe?
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Gillian Welch. a bit more country and less cutesy, but definitely sexy.
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If you haven't already, definitely check out the albums Rid of Me and Dry by PJ Harvey and Exile in Guyville by Liz Phair.
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