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Can any web designers speak to what's up with the <marquee> tag? I want to use it in a tasteful, scrolling-credits-type way — is it even worth doing?

I know that the tag is depreciated and has non grata status with the W3C, but it still works for me both in FF7 and IE8, and I still see it used on the web on a not-infrequent basis. Has anyone used it in any recent web design work? Or is there a reasonable replacement to generate a scrolling effect without something as heavy as jQuery? I know that CSS3 has an overflow-style property which should allow the marquee effect, but that doesn't seem to be widely supported yet. Thoughts?
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Like this?

Here you go.
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Here's someone who did it with CSS animation properties in webkit.

There is BTW a W3C recommendation for marquee properties. Supposedly it's implemented in webkit but the examples I was coming across weren't working for me in Chrome.
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Also, I wouldn't worry about how heavy jQuery is for something as frivolous and flashy as an end credits sequence. So many pages depend on it, anyway.
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To add to empath's comment, Google hosts a copy of JQuery that a lot of people use on their sites so if you just link to that version chances are pretty high that people will already have it cached.
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In the e-mail marketing world, it was recently noted that Travelocity was using the marquee tag in an e-mail campaign (text/link on the top left of the page).
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Yeah, I guess I should just go with jQuery after all. _frog, your point about using the Google-hosted script is an excellent one.

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