Kisai Rogue Touch...I want one!
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I want a Kisai Rogue Touch LED Watch. They're all sold out.

I want to gift someone with a watch as similar as possible. Anything out there that's close and looks as good, in that price range (under $300.00)? Blue display is the only color acceptable. I especially like the tap to light up function. I don't know much about watches so your help would really be appreciated.
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Did you email them?
posted by devnull at 2:49 AM on November 30, 2011

Searched on twitter, and found this page where Tokyo Flash mentions the following about the Kisai rogue touch:

"Hi, thanks for your feedback. We will let you know as soon as more arrive. Please follow our YouTube channel, follow us on Facebook or Twitter (details on our YouTube channel) and you can also sign up for email notifications on the Tokyoflash website."

But! They mention the Kisai Rogue SR2 which looks the same but doesn't have the touch feature. Looks like it available is cheaper at $159.99.
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How about the Abyss Watch?
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