Looking for a travel corkscrew that's easy on the wrists
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Can you suggest a small, compact wine opener for someone who loves her rabbit corkscrew?

My mother likes wine and likes traveling. She doesn't have strong wrists (she has arthritis). She does ok with the swing type, is hopeless with the key type, and is at a serious loss with the ah so. She loves her rabbit corkscrew, but it's a bit large to travel with. I'd like to give her a small, compact wine opener that she can pack in her checked luggage -- something like the rabbit that doesn't take too much wrist strength to use. I have no idea if such a thing exists. Can you recommend something?
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Metrokane makes a "vertical" rabbit bottle opener. Is that compact enough?
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I'd go for the Screwpull Trilogy.
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I like the Alessi parrot corkscrew.
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The double-hinged waiters key and the ah so double pronged puller are all you should ever need.
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(Well, and the Laguiole Champagne Sabre.)
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I realize this isn't at all an answer to your question, but there are a lot of decent screw-top wines these days--maybe she could settle for those when she's both traveling and away from a serious corkscrew?
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I'd go for the Screwpull Trilogy.
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From a one star Amazon review:

It is very flimsy, made of cheap-feeling plastic (it weighs nothing at all) and is cumbersome to use.

That sounds good for travel, the double-hinged waiter's key does not weigh nothing at all.
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I've got a Leatherman Juice with a corkscrew that's compact, not too heavy, reasonably effective, suited for checked luggage (but not carry-on). But I gather from the OP that Mom might have trouble with it.
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Oops--it's this Leatherman, not the one from my previous link. Same corkscrew, though.
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Hey, I reviewed the Screwpull Trilogy for Amazon a few years ago, though on a different page which has since been taken down. That thing is junk.
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I find the original screwpull reliable.
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@box, thank you for the idea of suggesting screw-top wine to my mom. That's a really good idea. I think I'll make her a list of decent screw-tops that she might like to try while she's traveling.

I looked at the vertical rabbit. It's a bit larger than I would like, but given my mom's hand issues, it might be the best option. I will look at the original screwpull and the screwpull trilogy, although the amazon reviews of the screwpull trilogy make me a bit nervous. Thank you for giving me some suggestions to work with.
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I love my original Screwpull. I bought one at a liquor store the night I turned 21, and it broke when I was 38. I ordered another one immediately. It doesn't take any real hand strength as long as you don't get a weird bottle with a sticky cork, you just turn the handle until the cork is out.

If she's going to be packing it in a suitcase, I would recommend something a little protective - a zippered makeup bag or something, just to keep it from getting banged around (or poking something with the end of the screw, which is fairly sharp).
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Almost all New Zealand wines are screwtop nowadays.
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