Frog and Toad walk til dawn
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Looking for a specific Frog and Toad story.

I grew up on the Frog and Toad stories and as an adult I own (and know just about by heart) what I believed was the complete collection... Until a friend came over the other day and read the entire collection and discovered that HIS favorite Frog and Toad story was not included. He described an evening visit between the two friends, and when eventually it was time for one to go home, it was dark out and the other walked him home, eventually resulting in Frog and Toad spending the whole night walking each other back and forth between their two homes so neither would have to walk alone. Aside from the question of why they didn't just snuggle up and have a sleepover, I wonder if anyone can help me locate this story? It does sound like a very plausible F&T story, and I'd love to complete my collection (and find a copy for my friend, too!). Thanks, hive mind.
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I think I have all of them too, and I can't recall that one either.
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Amazon has a "search inside" for them.
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That sounds like it might be a combination of two stories in one of Arnold Lobel's other books, Owl at Home. In one of them, he is constantly running upstairs and downstairs to see how each is doing, and in the other he makes friends with the moon because it is following him home at night.
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I just re-read Days With Frog and Toad, Frog and Toad Are Friends, Frog and Toad Together, and Frog and Toad All Year. Those are, as far as I know, all the Frog and Toad books, and that story's not in them. It sure does sound like a plausible Frog and Toad story, though.
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Hmm, I think I've read all the F&T stories, and I can't recall that one. Agreed that it sounds very much like a Lobel story, or maybe Little Bear (although I can't recall a Little Bear story precisely like that, either).
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I could swear this exists*, it's one of the few F&T stories I still clearly remember. (That and the one with the leaves.) But hades is right, it's not in any of those four books.

*Or else I hallucinated it as a child.
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My kids have all the stories memorized and I grew up on them too. I'm not aware of that story.
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I know the story, and I know Frog and Toad, but I'm not 100% sure they go together... it's not Mole and Troll, is it?
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On the copyright page of my F&T books, there is a notice that some stories appeared in a slightly different form in Cricket magazine. Is there a chance you read it from there? Maybe your story was pubbed in Cricket and didn't make it to the book.
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I recall this story too--I'd swear I just read it to my nephew last month, but his dad says he doesn't know that one. I'll ask them to check the book when they get home, but I won't know before then.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much all your ideas. I'll peruse the Owl at Home books. Does anyone know if Cricket has a searchable archive?
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That sounds familiar, but not quite right. Maybe it's a combination of two Frog and Toad stories? I seem to remember one, maybe "The Lost Button", where there's a lot of walking back and forth between their houses, and I'm certain there's one where Toad is afraid of the dark. Good luck searching!!
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Best answer: It isn't frog and toad. It's Froggy's Sleepover.

I'm afraid that Froggy's literary merits pale in comparison to frog and toad.
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