Plague with reoccurring ankle injury!
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I have this reoccurring injury on my ankle which always happen when I play futsal.

It all started a few years back when I had a terrible landing while I was playing badminton. I jumped and smashed but I didn't land well and the next thing I know, I was in terrible pain.

I limped for 2.5 months while still having slight pain at the ankle area when applying pressure having it last around 4 months. I might had made a terrible mistake for not going to the hospital to have it examined at that point which I kind of regret that now. I did not resume badminton for almost a year, only doing slow jogs after that.

Once I was comfortable, I resumed badminton and futsal but on occasions and most of the time when I'm playing futsal I get hurt at that very same spot. I get twist too easily, falling down without being tackled by my own in which I get to recover the injury in a day or two. At times, when I bend my ankle for a far stretch I can feel like there was something in my ankle poking at my bones and muscles.

I don't feel like I can take any of this anymore. I had another injury a few days back due to a bad tackle from an opponent and this time it is pretty bad, having not being able to walk properly for 4 days. The whole ankle is pretty swell up like when I had that first incident a few years back.

A doctor friend of mine told me that doctors could probably do nothing about it but just cast the ankle up. I don't know how far to an extend that could hold true. Would a sports doctor help?

Any ideas guys as to what's the problem I am facing with my ankle and is there a cure for it? It seems to me that my ankle is not as strong as it used to be prior to the first incident. Or will this be permanent and all that is left of me is running? And that too I am having doubts for the foreseeable future!
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Go find a good podiatrist. If he/she says that you'll have to be in a cast or a walking protective boot, then do it. Please please please don't drag this on any longer, you'll only make it worse for yourself!

IANAD but...

Is it the inside or the outside part of your ankle that hurts?? If it's the inside part, you may have messed up your posterior tibial tendon in your foot that runs up along the inside of your ankle. I messed up mine pretty badly through a poor landing during kickboxing. It's an absolute pain to heal it properly. My entire foot/ankle was swollen for a little bit. Mine still twinges from time to time and I hurt it back in May.
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If you had a broken bone and it healed badly, you may need surgery to fix it. Or you may need special strengthening exercises, or you may need a cast, or you may need something else entirely. Only a doctor can tell you for sure. GO SEE A DOCTOR!
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Sounds like me. I have a history of ankle injuries. I broke my right ankle twice and now I have a torn ligament, the end of the ligament has drawn up into my leg and I have a nice bump where the end has bunched up. I can re-injure it just walking on uneven pavement.

Look into chronic ankle instability caused by a pulled or torn tendon.
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Definitely get it checked out by a sports medicine doctor- it could be a bone chip or badly healed former break, could be ligament damage, but you'll never know until you get a proper diagnosis.

Do you use any sort of brace or ankle support when playing? Those sprained ankles are likely to sprain over and over again if you're not careful. I've found that the lace-up type ankle brace works best. Once your latest injury heals get a brace recommendation from your doctor. You don't have to quit playing sports that you like, you just need to start taking better care of your ankle! Good luck.
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Dude. This is me. I have been spraining/straining/etc my ankle since playing b-ball in 1991. I had NEVER been to a physical therapist thinking "its too expensive...right?".

Well anyways. Moved to NZ. Found out that a gov't subsidized visit to the "phyiso(therapist)" would cost me about $17US. Thought about it, but didn't go until I sprained it again.

He told me how to do a bunch of exercises that strengthen my ankles/feet.

Basically, the wobble board. I just bought one, spent $30US on it...and I can TELL my ankles are getting stronger. I can feel my ankles fighting to stability on that thing.

It really works. There's a lot more exercises that the physio gave me based on how I fell...but yeah, the wobble board is the most effective thing he recommended.

Good luck. Do it everyday for 10 or so minutes while you are watching gets really fun.
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This is me as well. Proper diagnosis and exercises. And I'll never play soccer or futsal again without one of these on each ankle. I wouldn't last five minutes without them. A few years back I only needed one for the left, but, well, you know....
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Response by poster: Thanks guys for the inputs! Will try everything on this list. I have already made arrangements to go and see a sports doctor and will see how it goes from there.
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