"We usually do this song with a tambourine, but I keep breaking it."
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I need the most durable unbreakable bulletproof tambourine ever.

I have a friend who is really rough on tambourines. She's broken quite a few, including one that exploded rather spectacularly onstage last night. For Christmas I'd like to get her a really durable tough tambourine. I've only ever seen her with the headless, open frame type, but I really don't know much about tambourines.
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Is your friend using wooden tambourines? The standard rock tambourine is made of very hard plastic and usually crescent-shaped. Something like this, or this. A lot of these are designed to be mounted on drum kits and hit with sticks, so they should be really tough.
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Came in to post the same Rhythm Tech Pro that Paul posted. Handles make a big difference.
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One thing though, think about what kind of music your friend plays. A lot of rock tambourines have fewer jingles and thus a really abrupt sound as they are normally shaken/hit in time to the beat. If your friend does slow dreamy folk music or similar she might prefer something with more jingles and a more sustained sound.
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Is she hand striking it or is it mounted as part of a drum kit?
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I have had lots of success at Woodwind Brasswind for the lots of musical supplies that I chew through. I am hard on the items that can take the use and abuse. For your friend, she might want to consider one of the following.

Indestructible Metal Tambourine

Heavy Duty Plastic Tambourine

Depending on her needs, if it's hand-held or a kit mount, there are plenty of other options.
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