Shopping for jewelry online.
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Looking for a website that sells jewelry with a search option for specific themes. Specifically, I want to buy a bracelet with a camera charm.

Etsy helped me the most but I want to shop around a bit before I make my purchase.

Bonus if the site has some kind of return option available, but not a requirement.
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Just search Google Images.
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opps. sorry. I'm ashamed.
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What kind of camera charm are you looking for? Silver, gold, enamel? Mail me, I'll send you pictures.
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Blue Nile
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James Avery
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I recently did a search for charms for a charm bracelet, as that's my mother's thing. I ended buying her something at Tiffany's, but looked at Blue Nile, QVC, HSN, Bloomingdale's and Macy's.

Good luck!
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Seconding James Avery. Great company, great return policies, great quality.
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