Tokyo Sexytime!
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Asking for a friend- I'm serious! Friend is headed to Tokyo this December, and is looking for some cool weird funny sexy sex clubs and/or shops. "More quirky than scary," she says. Any ideas?
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Tokyo Damage Report's Tokyo Tour Guide is what you want. BATTLE and the associated shops are my #1 recommended Weird Sexy Shops, they'll provide years of Things In Japan stories.
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There may be a decent list at sunnypages -- I know there's a HUGE sex shop in Akihabara. It's seven floors!
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I've been to the sex shop in Akihabara. It's pretty interesting, and has something for every... taste. Don't be one of the giggling foreigners who venture no further than the PVC maid costumes on the ground floor, though. There is so much more waiting upstairs.
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