Looking for couples friendly see clubs in Manhattan
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Vacation in The Big Apple... Where can two sexually adventurous people find fun?

Nothing is to outrageous or kinky for my wife and I so we are looking for new nighttime entertainment in our trip to New York City. That said, nothing too skeevy or full of creepers. Preferably subway accessible (with the requisite few blocks walk) . Interested in what may be a bit more underground.
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When will you be in town? You might be looking for monthly parties rather than clubs, so it matters when your vacation will be.
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That being said: if you make a fetlife account, join a bunch of NYC-specific groups, and ask this question, you'll get the answers you seek!
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Some years back we went to Paddles NYC with some friends who were visiting. Was a nice place (back then at least 2006 or so) and we had a nice evening mostly just chatting and observing.
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