A night we'll never forget... that we can't tell anyone about?
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My longtime boyfriend and I are coming up on an anniversary soon, and we're planning a "sinful" vacation to celebrate. We're also pretty kinky. Where in the US can we go and what can we do to have THE most (legally) debaucherous weekend imaginable?

We've been saving up for this for a while, so money isn't TOO much of an object. We're a heterosexual couple in our thirties, and we're really not against anything unless it's against the law. So, what can we do to have a crazy little weekend we wouldn't want to tell our parents about? Throw-away email: alostweekend@gmail.com
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Why, Vegas, of course.
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Torture Garden in London has some great parties. Lots of events surrounding some of them, too, so you can hit a few different things in one weekend.
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Oddly enough, Portland, Oregon.
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Montreal, which might be closer than a lot US destinations, depending where you live....
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Dark Odyssey?
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You could take all that money and buy a bunch of really good toys. Really good toys are a lot better than non-really good toys. I mean, think about that toy you want that's just too expensive, that big, elaborate thing, that's just too much trouble or makes too much of a mess or just costs too much. Get that, and stay home. Then you can do it again next weekend.
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Umm, The Woodshed Orlando, FL is an amazing club / playspace and has a good crowd kicking on Friday / Saturday nights.

Its a BDSM club that has a great mix of people and a lot of fun equipment to play on / with. Although there is full nudity there and lots of activity there is no blatant actual 'sex' that occurs... pretty much anything else does, though. (They have an amazing suspension set up and some fantastic riggers.)
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I'm kind of tacky and mostly vanilla, so I'm crazy intrigued by the concept of "honeymoon" motels like Sybaris: http://www.sybaris.com/ I totally picture this as where Peg and Al Bundy would go for their honeymoon but I bet they'd have a heck of a time.
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If you go to a legal brothel in Nevada, and tell the madam what you just told us, I bet they can set you right up.
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In the vein of mkb's suggestion, there's also Woodstocks, FetFest, Shibaricon, and Beyond Leather, to name a few, though it may be too late to sign up for the latter.
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Key West, Florida. Really. Every October is Fantasy Fest. Check out what debauchery is scheduled this year!
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It's not the US, but Montréal Fetish Weekend is phenomenal. (The name's also a bit of a misnomer--it's grown over the years to be a full week.)
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I've been to a Sybaris (a gift), they're somewhat tacky and very 70s.
The private pool was neat, but not something I would pay for.
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I mean this only semi-seriously, but if you want to do something truly transgressive, go to an expensive sushi restaurant and see how many threatened/unsustainably fished dishes you can order.
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