Pocket PC applications for a programmer?
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I need some recommendations on useful Windows Mobile applications for a professional software developer...

I recently bought an ipaq in order to keep track of the various deadline and project requirements I encounter in my job. But I'd like to use more than just the TODO list and the calendar.

Are there any applications that will allow me (with a mini-keyboard) to edit C and C++ code on the bus (preferably with syntax highlighting)? Are there any handy project management applications? An svn client? An ssh client worth using? An IPSec VPN client that doesn't use L2TP?

I write Linux apps, so the WinCE IDEs are way more than I need.
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Best answer: There was talk a while ago about a Pocket PC port of Scintilla but I don't know if it was ever released. To be honest, though, I'd imagine coding would be a bitch using a tiny keyboard and small screen.

I've used PocketPuTTY for SSH duties before - it worked fine and saved my neck more than once! Looks like there are a number of alternatives.

SBP's full screen keyboard is worth trying out too. Saves the hassle of carrying around an extra keyboard.
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