Father's Day woodcarving ideas?
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My dad developed an interest in woodcarving a couple of years ago. I'd like to get him something really nice related to his hobby for Father's Day (which falls in early September in Australia).

I don't want to ask him for suggestions, because he'll tell me not to get him anything and it won't be a surprise. I've heard him talk about Japanese saws with glazed-over eyes, so would welcome suggestions in that department, but I think he'd appreciate any well-made 'status symbol' woodcarving tool. Any price ranges are fine - if it's reasonable, I can get it myself; if it's expensive, my brothers and I can save up and chip in. In short, what's the iPod of the woodcarving world?
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Lee Valley Tools has a great assortment of fabulous wood carving tools, like these Henry Taylors, Beebe's, Warrens, and other hand carving tools. They also stock some beautiful Japanese saws.
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Okay, other hot woodcarving brands suggested by pals:

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How about a personalized branding iron that lets him burn his initials onto finished products? They're available in all kinds of sizes and price ranges. We got one for my father-in-law a few years back and he loves it.
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A flex shaft tool? It's like a heavy duty Dremel tool, that's easier to use.
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He might like a set of linoleum cutters for very fine work.
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How about some japanese waterstones to keep his carving tools razor sharp?
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Not a wood carver, but having my own passionate hobby, I'd like to recommend that you can never go wrong with fundamental ingredients.

A good tool combined with some piece of incredible/different/challenging wood for him to work on would give him both the reminder of your gift every time he works, but the craft produced from the wood serves as an everyday reminder that you knew enough and cared enough to bring something special.

Just a thought to enhance the gift.
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drewbage1847 wins best answer for lateral thinking - I would never have thought to get him 'raw ingredients', though I do it all the time as gifts for foodie friends. Thanks to all who replied, though - there's much food for thought here.
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Carba-Tec is a woodworkers wet dream. I've spent quite a bit of time drooling over the catalogue.

They have a wondeful range of carving tools, saws, and interesting bits of timber to carve.
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Late due to jrun errors and my own schedule but...

Check out Dick. I am not affiliated with this store and-or product. But their catalog is a joy to behold. Pretty certain they ship world-wide.
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