New Smartphone: help me make it smarter
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New Windows Mobile smartphone after years with Palm. 1. What are the best apps for a writer/teacher/trivia nut? 2. What is the best dictionary/thesaurus program? WordnetCE is not working, and the other choices I have found seem to lead back to it. 3. I like using Tasks on my Today screen, but the set-up I have either shrinks them to nothing or buries them. What is the best theme or plug-in? I am getting into GTD- mostly at the 'list everything I gotta do' stage
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Google Maps Mobile

I've also become a recent convert to Evernote, which has a good WiMo client. Use it to capture and retrieve any info you might find interesting. Check out for usage tips.

I also use OggSync to sync up my calendar to Google Calendar.

Oh, and CorePlayer is better than Windows Media Player, if you care about that.
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