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Warm breakfast ideas that can be made quickly without a microwave?

I ate greek yogurt and mixed berries all summer for breakfasts on the weekdays before I left for work but now that it's getting cooler I'm wishing I had warm breakfast (and the berries are out of season). What I'd really love are some quick easy ideas that I can make in the mornings.

I got rid of my microwave earlier this year, and I'm not planning to buy another one, which left me doubting my abilities to make breakfast ahead of time.
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Two eggs take maybe 5 minutes if you do them scrambled or over-medium. Get a small cast-iron pan and go to town! Bonus: warm half a can of black or pinto beans in your eggy pan and then add a tortilla, cheese, and some salsa for a breakfast burrito...
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do you have a kettle? if so, those little packets of instant oatmeal might be what you're looking for. you can jazz up plain oatmeal with berries or nuts or spices or syrup etc.
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Scrambled eggs. Instant oatmeal with a different mix-in each day.
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If you have a toaster, you open yourself up to a wide range of warm breakfast items. Waffles, bagels, english muffins, toast, etc.

You can make steel cut oatmeal in a slow cooker. Just cook it on low over night.
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Steel-cut oatmeal can be made in a large batch and you can quickly reheat a single serving with a little water or milk.

Also, boiled eggs. They can boil while you take your shower or get dressed, that and a slice of toast if you have a toaster.
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If you go the oatmeal route, check out this thread.
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Poached egg -- I use Poachpods -- on buttered
sourdough toast.
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Tea Eggs are a tried and true Chinese recipe. They can be made in huge amounts in bulk extremely easily, last for months on end, and are more delicious cold than they are hot. They're also apparently an amazing source of energy, comparable to granola, even - they're considered a hiking snack for the Chinese.

You can just make it one night, peel them, toss the whole lot in your fridge in an air-tight container, then just grab and go on those days where you're in a rush.

Try this recipe, it seems pretty good:
Tea Egg Recipe

But google yields a billion recipes anyway.
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Would you consider frozen berries and other fruits? Some of them are good. I used to make oatmeal for my kids with added grated apple or pear and dried fruit. If you just use regular whole oats, not the fancy expensive steel-cut stuff it only takes a few minutes. Instant isn't worth it.
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An English muffin with a slice of American cheese and hot sauce. If you slap the cheese on as soon as it comes out of the toaster, and smush it together, the heat from the muffin will melt the cheese. Yay for processed food! This won't work with, say, real cheddar.
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Seconding Poached Eggs.

Forget the pods: the secret is to add a good lug of vinegar to the water you boil them in: 3-4 tablespoons worth.

Can't go wrong.
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My go-to, quick, warm breakfast is:

1. Heat some olive oil in a skillet, medium heat.
2. Pour some Egg Beaters into the skillet (I use store-brand knockoff. Tastes exactly the same as eggs to me, with no cholesterol and a lot less prep/cleanup).
3. While eggs are cooking, chop up a giant handful of fresh spinach (it cooks way down).
4. When eggs are almost set, stir in spinach. Salt & pepper as desired.
5. Stir for a minute or two, scoop onto plate, dump some salsa on top.
6. Eat.

Optional: Wrap it in a tortilla and eat it during your commute.
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Quinoa with a little butter and cream and cinnamon and brown sugar - just like oatmeal, but without the sludge factor. And with whatever fruit you like.
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I have this egg cooker/toaster. Works like a charm and couldn't be easier. Cooks eggs in shell or in a little pan with steam. Also has a tray for warming up a slice of pre-cooked canadian bacon or sausage. Good toaster, too, and everything is ready at the same time.
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Oatmeal. the regular-cooking kind is much tastier, less pasty than quick-cooking or instant. If you make coffee with boiled water, make more hot water, pour over oatmeal, bring to boil, shut off burner, cover. Get dressed, let the dog out, etc. Bring oatmeal back to boil, eat with brown sugar, and whatever mix-ins you enjoy. I like it with more than the recommended water, and it's really not necessary to measure once you make it a few times.

If you have a toaster, toast made from really good bread. Or a fried egg sandwich, with the condiments of your choice.
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One of my favorite breakfasts is peanut butter on toast. You can use other nut butters, of course. It's quick, easy, and has protein to sustain you.
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And you can make toast even without a toaster - I used to use the broiler to make toast. Or you can toast the bread in a pan.

To me, the fastest kind of egg to make is fried over easy, although scrambled is also fast. One of my favorite breakfasts is to toast a piece of bread, fry an egg, and reheat some garlicky greens (kale, spinach, whatever) in the pan next to the egg, then put the greens on top of the toast and the egg on top of the greens.

When I scramble eggs, I will mix in cheese, beans, salsa, leftovers, whatever. Yum.

Oh, also: muffins or quick breads, reheated in the oven.

And I will speak up in defense of instant oatmeal: I would rather eat instant oatmeal than clean an oatmeal pan. But! Actually you can bake oatmeal in the oven (it's not *fast* but it doesn't require any attention either), and it's totally tasty, and for whatever reason I don't mind cleaning the baked-oatmeal ramekin as much as I mind the oatmeal pan.
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In defense of non-instant oatmeal, it only takes about three or four minutes more to cook rolled oats than the crushed, chopped "quick oats," and you get something that has a substantial texture and taste. You don't even have to be there stirring it, just put it on the burner a bit earlier.
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Grits! Grits are buttery and delicious with a little sugar and milk! Grits are so good!

Everyone knows to like polenta, right? Well grits are the same thing, but with grittiness! At my house, as the grits are carrying to the table we sing (to the tune of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame") "Grits! Gritsgritsgritsgrits, grits, grits. Grits!..." I think that is integral to the grits experience, but ymmv.
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Cinnamon toast. Toast the bread, then sprinkle with white sugar, cinnamon and lemon juice.

Tastes like Beavertails (elephant ears if you're American)!
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I cook up a dozen eggs and make about 10-12 breakfast burritos at once. Just wrap them all in foil and when I wake up in the morning I toss it in the oven on 375 for 10-15 min while I'm getting ready and it's ready to eat when I'm leaving.
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I make quesadillas with 6 inch tortillas, cheddar, and sriacha. I recently caught on that a thin pan (a flat-bottomed wok, in my case), heats up much more quickly than my cast iron skillet. The flipping/making fits in well between making tea and putting away dishes.
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I have found that I can take a patty-type frozen hash brown and cook it by putting it in my toaster twice on the maximum temperature.
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I bake little omelettes in a muffin tin, wrap each one separately, and freeze. In the morning, put one in the oven, turn to 350F or so, and it'll get nice and warm. If you're in the kitchen at the end, open the foil packet and let it get a bit browned on top. Poifect!

Some of my versions are:
- soy chorizo (fake chorizo) and pepper jack
- apple sage sausages (vegan) with some kind of cheese
- cheese (gruyere, goat, cheddar, feta)
- vegetables, depending on the season: asparagus, spinach (make sure it's really squeezed dry), kale, or roasted tomatoes (they're not watery)
- scallions and cheddar
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I make the same thing barnone does (except I call them Egg Things), and even without any heat source (because they get kinda chewy if you reheat too much in the microwave anyway - toaster oven is actually the best reheat method if you like them warm) I like them at room temp with a little cottage cheese. I make mine on Sundays and eat all week.

Mine tend to be spinach and black beans and whatever extra protein I have on hand. If you want to be outrageously fancy, drop a little blop of sour cream, goat cheese, or cream cheese into the middle of each "muffin" before you bake them.
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Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on toast -- leave the 2nd slice in the toaster while you spread the fixings on the first slice, to help retain heat. Use less PB than in a cold sandwich, because it will get warm and melty and drip on your hands if you're not careful.
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I've been eating this almost every morning for the past two weeks. Delicious. Remember to use the low setting on the broiler! I also use an Italian blend of cheeses instead of just mozzarella.
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Slice some mushrooms and fry them in a LITTLE olive oil until they start to brown - takes a while bevause you are using so little oil. Add a little garlic (as much as you like you like) and black pepper. And Parsley if you want. Grate some excellent cheddar - not too much - turn off the pan when the mushrooms are ready and add the cheese and mix in. Before the chees starts to seperate spoon this deliciousness onto your toast.

Breakfasty Cheesy mushroomy toasty goodness.
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