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Instead of buying individual yogurt cups in artificial dessert case flavors, I buy a large container of greek yogurt once a week and make parfaits in these containers for a grab&go breakfast. I need more ideas for delicious things to mix into plain yogurt.

I started out layering banana with agave syrup, then topping it off with granola. Delicious.

Then I threw a spoonful of natural peanut butter in with the banana and agave-brilliant! More protein, more flavor, and who would have ever thought peanut butter flavored yogurt is the tastiest thing in the world?

In summer, I macerate strawberries in agave to add syrupy sweetness and flavor to even the most insipid, mealy berries. But it's February, I live in Chicago, and even agave ain't saving the berries in stores right now. Feel free to suggest summer fruits, though, I'm sure the suggestions will come in handy eventually.

I am not allergic to anything that one would consider putting into granola. I am not trying to lose weight. I try to limit my sugar during breakfast and lunch and go heavy on protein, but this is because I bike 7 miles to work and will start chewing on my own arm by 10am if I eat Cocoa Puffs for breakfast, not because I'm on some strict paleo-low carb-whatever diet.

What are some unusual items to mix into and flavor yogurt besides the standard berries?
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Orange segments, walnuts (or granola, something crunchy), and honey are lovely in yogurt.
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Wasabi Peas...crunchy!
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Maple syrup + raspberries + sliced almonds + cinnamon/nutmeg/pumpkin pie spice/whatever

actually maple syrup plus basically anything in yogurt is the BEST
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Apple Butter
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Candied Ginger
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Jam. Preserves. I prefer the chunkier ones because they impart texture.

Nuts of every kind, subject to personal preference.

The basics: raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, schnozzberries, whatever--any berry that you can get your hands on.
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I usually put a combination of any of the following in my morning plain yogurt: tahini, maple syrup, cinnamon, pecans, pepitas, chia seeds, flax seeds, and wheat germ. The result is very earthy and full of protein.
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I cook down some pineapple with some water. Put it in the blender for a few seconds so its more like a sauce. This is by far my favorite thing to eat on Greek yogurt. I've never done it (but probably will next time I head to the store after reading your combos) but I think some sort of cinnamon granola would be delicious on top to make it a bit like pineapple upside down cake...
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Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds is very tasty mixed with yogurt.
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Grape Nuts
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Sliced coconut!
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Traditional: Drizzle honey over Greek yogurt (not agave). Sprinkle walnuts on top.
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Lemon curd would be great; I usually use my homemade preserves, though.
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I really like Ezekiel 4:9 cereal in my Greek yogurt. It's super filling and stays crunchy. Cinnamon raisin is the best - it's a little sweet because of the raisins, but doesn't have added sugar.
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add some mini marshmallows to your pb & banana. FLUFFERYOGURT.
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also, try caramelizing some diced apples in some brown sugar and butter. mix with crushed graham crackers (or a healthier cereal, i suppose). apple pie yogurt!
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Oh man totally forgot about pomegranate molasses + sugar of your choice-- whether you use honey, jam, sugared yogurt, etc. is up to you, but most pomegranate molasses types will need sugar. But then you'll put it on everything you make, ever, because it's so good.

Also, leftover pineapple sliced flambeed in rum and honey. Maybe not before biking though. (See also: roasted bananas with honey.)

Fresh peaches and cinnamon.
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Grape Nuts (the cereal) is high in fiber, protein, and various vitamins and minerals. If you put it on top and then don't stir it until you're ready to eat then most of it should stay crunchy.

You mentioned peanut butter in the question. Have you tried P2B or similar peanut powder? It's basically peanut butter with almost all of the fat removed, leaving the protein and virtually all of the flavor. You reconstitute it with water. The texture is very similar to peanut butter, it tastes like roasted peanuts, but it's much less caloric than peanut butter. You could also try adding the powder directly to the yogurt, but it might get a little thick. I know you're not trying to lose weight, but this would let you add a lot of protein and peanut butter flavor without the calories getting too wild (peanut butter really is remarkably calorie dense).

In my experience, the best flavors to add to yogurt are really strong, sharp flavors, otherwise you have to add a ton to cut through the yogurt. I suggest rhubarb. Buy some chopped frozen rhubarb, cook it with some water and syrup til it's soft, then mash it up a bit. You can use fresh rhubarb once it's in season.
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For something savory and a total change of the yogurt parfait, I mix one of those giant cans of chicken with plain yogurt, pepper, and a bit of mayo for easy chicken salad.
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whoops last one I promise: a bit of tinned pumpkin or sweet potato puree with (sugar of your choice) and pumpkin pie spices. Could throw in graham crackers or bits of gingersnap for maximum enjoyment.*

*lots of calories included, I admit
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a teaspoon of nutella swirled in.

My daughter was given greek yogurt + nutella at a restaurant a few months ago and has demanded it for breakfast (and lunch, and dinner) nearly every day since.
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ALSO: try roasting bananas before adding them to your yogurt. it deepens the flavor and brings out the natural sweetness. link goes to a pancake recipe. sorry if this makes anyone want pancakes.
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Oh man totally forgot about pomegranate molasses

JB: Get this at Al-Khayyam up by Kedzie and Lawrence. It's like ten bajillion dollars cheaper there than at a real grocery store.
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Plain uncooked oatmeal instead of granola: sometimes pre-made granolas have outlandish amounts of sweetener in them. With oats and honey/agave/maple syrup you can control the sugar intake more exactly. If you mix the oats in the yogurt the night before, it will be nice and tender by the next morning (and keeps for several days in the fridge like this).

Figs and dates. If dried, I like to chop and simmer them with a little water so they are more tender and mix in better. Fig or date jam/spread would work as well but contain lots of sugar.

Applesauce is easy

Kiwi, mango, papaya, coconut flakes (toasted is yummy).
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Use frozen berries - whatever kind you prefer. The texture is obviously different, but the flavor will be much better than what you can get fresh now. If you want, you can chop/simmer/whatever to cover up the texture issue.
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Cool Whip
Chocolate chips
Sunflower seeds
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Diced mango. No extra sugar necessary. Any fruit + toasted almonds. (Carry the almonds in a separate container, sprinkle on top when ready to eat.)

For something savory, my favorite combination is equal parts shredded chicken breast + halved red grapes + edamame. Add a (very) little salt, a couple generous tablespoons Greek yoghurt, and a good dash of fresh or dried tarragon. SO GOOD. And full of protein.
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2nding frozen berries. You could also try frozen strawberry - fresh banana smoothie made with an immersion blender.

Cooked beets. Bet you didn't see that one coming.
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Blood orange segments. (Also, seconding the Grape Nuts suggestion.)
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papaya + maple syrup (with or without granola)
plums + salted almonds

(also, you didn't ask for granola recommendations, but since you're in Chicago I can't resist saying that I hope you've at least tried the milk & honey granola. it's kind of stupidly expensive, but so so good. I moved away three years ago and I still miss that granola.)
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This one's on the junkier end of things: if you mix some powdered ranch dressing mix in with your yogurt, you've got dip. You could pack carrots and celery, or just eat with a spoon if you're so inclined.
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trail mix with cranberries, raisins and nuts, cinnamon, blueberries, bananas.
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I eat couscous, banana, chopped almonds, honey and cinnamon with yogurt--quick and filling!
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Garlic and chopped cucumber and lemon juice and salt + pita chips = now you're packin' tzatziki, baby.
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I macerate strawberries in agave to add syrupy sweetness and flavor to even the most insipid, mealy berries

You're so close to having those berries in the winter...next summer, try making freezer jam. (Basically, adding pectin to those macerated berries.) It's kind of awesome to have that flavor this time of year.
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Ohmigod, this is all genius. Pomegranate-applesauce is as far as I've gotten in the "adding things to yogurt" progression.
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I put cottage cheese and formerly frozen organic berries from Costco in mine. No agave though the berries are sweet enough. I also make my own yogurt btw, super easy and cheap.
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And actually, the little plastic jars for storing the jam are then perfect for yogurt, too. The last bit of jam you just put the yogurt in on top of it and it's fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt. :)
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Jam. Dried apricots (they can be softened in warm water or some other liquid if you like). Homemade granola - 101 Cookbooks has a great recipe.

Blueberries - fresh or frozen. Pistachios.
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Stopped in to also say that toasted nuts are wonderful in yogurt. Don't buy them toasted, though - use your toaster over (you DO have one, right?) to do it. Spread on the cookie-sheet thing that came with your oven, set to about 375 and toast for about 12-15 minutes - stirring every five minutes or so. WARNING: watch carefully, the line between perfectly toasted and 'ruined' is very thin!
This also works well with hazelnuts (toss some fresh rosemary in with for a fantastic flavor combo - but maybe not with yogurt). The bonus is that you do this to fresh nuts, and don't pay for stale, packaged, roasted nuts. Try the same with seeds of your choice as well (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, etc).

Also: Frozen berries are your friend. They'll keep the yogurt colder if you don't have an appropriate place to store it before eating, and are often much more delicious than what you can find in store.
I also use homeade jam in Greek yogurt, and strongly suggest making your own next year - you'll never go back to store bought!
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Well, since people aren't objecting to savory choices:

anchovies or sardines
hard cooked eggs
chopped onions (red, green, yellow, or white)

Maybe not all together.
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Cranberry sauce with yogurt could be good. I make my own and usually add stuff like ginger and chilis which adds a nice kick. I took it for work with oatmeal for awhile, but I think it would work well with yogurt too.

Also I like the savory options with yogurt a lot...you could add something like za'tar and chopped raw veggies, or make it into a dip. Could also add sunflower seeds or other chopped nuts. I have also added the powdered ranch...
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My hippie parents made a version of bircher muesli with oats (dry), yogurt, cottage cheese, grated apple, chopped orange segments, chopped banana, raisins, and chopped almonds with honey drizzled over the top.

Dried cherries.

Frozen fruits without sugar (or with) are a great option for winter.
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Cocoa nibs.
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Coconut+ fresh mango + crunchy cinnamon-y granola.
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Make refrigerator oatmeal You can use kefir instead of milk.
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Any kind of fruit curd. Also, here's a DIY greek yogurt recipe (warning, colorful blog text).
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Frozen blueberries are pretty awesome. I imagine that they would thaw nicely into soft/cold berries using your method.
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If savory options are on the table, maybe try sun-dried tomatoes. The ones in bags don't have a huge amount of calories, and (to me) really compliment the taste of plain Greek yogurt. Also, feta cheese is great. Fiber One cereal works really well (maybe add a little monk fruit sweetener).
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Sautéed ground lamb, onions and spinach v
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Blueberry jam with a pinch of ground cloves.
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holy crap cereal (www.holycrap.com) or just make your own 3 parts chia seeds to 1 part hemp hearts...you'll be full for hours with that + yogurt

any type of frozen fruit, with a smidge of cinnamon and stevia, add plain instant oats for more carbs...

some good olive oil, freshly ground garlic salt, and a spice blend called za'atar that is also used to top hummus & baba ghanoush
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curry powder & (thawed, formerly-frozen) green peas

cardamom & raisins & slivered almonds
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Chopped mango (frozen is fine!), raspberries, and sweetened coconut is one of my favourite breakfasts. Even better if you top it with roasted sunflower seeds, chopped almonds, wheat germ, and flax.

Za'atar goes great in yoghurt, especially if you have some pita (or pita chips) with it.

Frozen berries + yoghurt + a saltyish granola is a damn fine breakfast, too.
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Honey, chopped pistachios, pomegranate seeds.
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I no longer eat dairy, and miss peaches and yogurt, with honey on top. Sliced canned peaches added to yogurt, topped with honey. Granola is nice with it and/or sliced almonds on top.
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Vanilla extract and agave. Boom. Vanilla yogurt.

Unsalted nuts, cranberries, and agave. Bonus: toasting the nuts really enhances their earthy flavor. Divine.

For a savory breakfast: I sometimes like to put leftover curry from dinner the night before on top of my greek yogurt. Very satisfying.
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Preserves from Trader Joe's. The cherry preserves (currently out of stock) is the best, Juliet. The best!*

*Unless you can get some homemade preserves.
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Frozen berries + chopped walnuts.

Cumin and garlic (instead of that ranch dust) as a veggie dip.
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We have been doing something similar with yoghurt for my son - blueberry jam is pretty tasty, even more so if it's the type of jam with pieces of whole fruit in.
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PB&J yogurt! Add peanut butter AND jam/jelly/preserves. So good. I use crunchy peanut butter so it's got some texture.
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I wouldn't necessarily eat it for breakfast, but this stuff stirred into Greek yogurt is my favorite veggie dip.
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(so - I am doing the low carb thing but...) my all time favourite is 1 cup greek yogurt with a bit of vanilla and sweetener (I use stevia), and then add 0.25 cup salted peanuts, a chopped up square or two of Lindt 90% chocolate, and a stirred in "protein brownie" (1 T nut butter (peanut, sunflower, whatever), 1 T cocoa powder, 1 egg, bit of vanilla, sea salt, a bit of sweetener - I use stevia - nuke for 30 seconds)

Tastes like the tin roof brownie blizzard from Dairy Queen :)

I also love a can of drained tuna + 1-2 T tahini + sea salt + 1/4 cup frozen or fresh black/blueberries + greek yogurt. OH MY GOSH.
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For those who like to add peanut butter, PB2 works very well. It is basically dried peanut butter, much lower in fat and easy to mix. (I bought a jar randomly and found that mixing with yogurt or oatmeal was the best way to use it.)
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I'm seriously the first to suggest dulce de leche? It's the two best kinds of dairy making sweet sweet love on your tongue.
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Lingonberry preserves!
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This thread has inspired me to get a little more creative.

right now I'm eating some yogurt with pumpkin seeds, dried mango and candied ginger. It's weirdly amazing.
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