How to attach a plow to a John Deere X55 riding mower?
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How do I attach a "Quick Hitch" to a John Deere X585 riding lawn mower?

In town for the holidays and I've been asked to help attach a "quick hitch" assembly and a 54 inch John Deere plow blade to the front of a X585 lawn tractor. Usually, the folks pay an arm and a leg to have someone do it for them. This year, we're trying to save a buck - except that there are no longer any product manuals and I cant find a good "how to" on the internets. Anyone point me in the right direction?
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I just put helped my father in law put a snow blower on his John Deere tractor, and maybe I took the "quick hitch" parts off, I'm not sure. The manual said it should take 2 hours - It took two of us four hours, (it was cold, we don't work especially well together, though not bad this time, etc.) Still, without directions I'm thinking it could take you several hours.

That said, John Deere does make good equipment and if you have all of the parts, I'd go for it. There were really only about eight bolts that held everything together. (yes, it took half an hour per bolt.)

I might go down to the local tractor store to take a look at one and have a crawl beneath it. Really, it sounds like it might be a nice friday activity instead of buying things.
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Is the "quick hitch" a Deere accessory? Reason I ask is that I work for Deere and can easily contact somebody at the plant that makes it.
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If you go here you should be able to buy the manual for it.
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