Do hands-free headsets help reduce accident rates?
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Lazyweb: Have there been any studies of traffic accident rates after passage of the hands-free laws in so many municipalities in the USA?

If I were to guess I'd imagine there was no change or more accidents as people fiddle with devices instead of just picking up a phone. But if you've found any non-guess answers, that's really what I'm looking for.
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Best answer: Did California's hand-held cell phone ban reduce accidents?. [full text pdf]
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Best answer: Long-Term Effects of Handheld Cell Phone Laws on Driver Handheld Cell Phone Use. (abstract only, unless you have access to the journal)

And the oh-so-cleverly titled Døes banning hand-held cell phøne use while driving reduce cøllisiøns?. (no abstract but you can see the first page for free)
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