Looking for headset for Samsung Mobile (cell) phoine
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I am looking for a new *wired* headset (headphone / microphone) for my cellphone... My current cellphone is a Samsung SCH-R430 (also called a MyShot). The thing that makes it hard is that this phone has a proprietary headphone jack (see picture here) - not a standard one.

Ideally here is what I am looking for:
    • Wired
    • Over the head style with TWO ear pieces - ideally sound would come out of both - realize it won't be stereo as phone doesn't support stereo. Bonus points for ear piece that covers the ear (to drown out sound) like the ones broadcasters and DJ's use...
    • Boom mike
    • Don't need it for music - just for making calls.
    • Has to plug into the R430 port OR if anyone makes a dongle that converts R430 into regular headphone jack...
    *or* If this doesn't exist, does anyone make a Bluetooth headset like above (over the head, two speakers, boom mike)?
    To summarize, basically I'm looking for a headset that LOOKS LIKE THIS ONE except with the 2nd ear piece... either in wired or Bluetooth format (wired preferred)

Many thanks!
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There are R430-3.5mm adapters, generally sold by Hong Kong-based accessory people (who don't necessarily say they're in Hong Kong, but don't hold that against them).
posted by holgate at 11:48 AM on February 10, 2009

How about this? I considered buying one, but I'm waiting for a Bluetooth version. According to their FAQ, they have adapters for Samsung phones.
posted by buzzv at 12:11 PM on February 10, 2009

Thanks holgate and buzzv ! Exactly what I was looking for ...
posted by olddogeyes at 3:11 PM on February 10, 2009

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