Looking for an old flash/shockwave puzzle game: directing traffic
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I remember playing a game ages (ten years?) ago on (now defunct) bonus.com, which involved manipulating different-coloured cars using switches and other things. I played it on a desktop computer, and it used flash or shockwave. One needed to get a certain amount of cars into specific places to pass the level. The game was played from a top-down perspective. There were many levels. I think, though I may be mistaken, that the game had a person's name in the title. Can you help me find it?

Many thanks, MeFites!
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Response by poster: Also: it was very 2D.
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Not sure of the game itself, but you could try searching gaming sites for suitable tags, eg.
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Best answer: Some images and most game pages are blocked here at work, but how about "Traffic Jammer JX"?

Here's a webpage from 2006: http://gamesdirectory.blogspot.com/2006/09/traffic-jammer-jx-cool-java-puzzle-game.html
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This sounds familiar. Was it one of those gridlock-style games where you have to maneuver rectangular cars out of a crowded parking lot?
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Was it I Love Traffic?
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Also reminiscent of sokoban, which had the player pushing boxes around in a warehouse. 2D only, top down view.
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There is a Lumosity game like this called Train of Thought.
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Response by poster: It wasn't a parking/box puzzle type game.

More like Trainyards (http://trainyard.ca) if anything, though I remember having to control things in real time, and it was with cars not trains.
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Response by poster: Wait holy shit it might be Traffic Jammer
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Response by poster: Yep! It's definitely Traffic Jammer JX.

Thanks so much themanwho! I am in awe of your game detective skills, especially since I was wrong about it being Flash or Shockwave and also kinda wrong about it being 'very 2D.' <3
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