Therapy by Skype?
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Asking for a friend: Therapy options for a wheelchair-bound person in a tiny town in central Texas? (Skype or phone, maybe?)

An online contact of mine is in her late 20s and is wheelchair-bound (paralyzed from the waist down, has been her whole life). She is having trouble both getting the support she needs to become more self-sufficient, and with getting the motivation to seek same support. I suggested that she seek therapy since she's exhibiting at least some symptoms of depression, but she's currently unable to drive and her family seems unwilling to regularly transport her. She's on Medicaid, I believe, but I'm unsure what that provides in terms of psychology/therapy support.

I know at least one other person in my social network regularly participates in therapy via Skype, but that's with a local therapist who she also visits in an office. I know almost nothing about Texas or about finding therapists if one isn't in a large metro area, especially when one is unemployed/on medicaid. What sorts of options might she have available that neither of us know about? Are there therapists who would be willing to provide services (almost) entirely via phone/videoconference, at rates that are manageable?

I don't want to give her exact location in the thread, but it's a very small town in central TX (southwest of DFW) and several hours by car away from any large city.
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She might try contacting MHMR to see if they can make any suggestions. Do any local charities provide transportation for seniors? Maybe they could provide transportation.
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Not that I'm asking or more details about her location -- but I don't think there is any place in central TX "southwest of DFW" that is more than an hour or two away by car from a decent-sized city and some services.

Even is she isn't able to get into town regularly, a phone call to the "local" services providers (in Waco, Killeen, Austin, or wherever) might be a good place to start.

Maybe try: Heart of Texas Region MHMR
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I work in disability rights and advocacy, although not in Texas. I do have colleagues who work there though. I want to chide you for calling her wheelchair bound, certainly she's not tied to it, right? You're kind of perpetuating a model that says she can't live a self directed life when you refer to her that way.

From a services perspective, we need to get her in contact with resources who know how to evaluate what she is eligible for. Sounds like certainly Title 19 and probably some home and community based supports.

Please feel free to put her in touch with me, I will personally make sure we put her in touch with the right people. Unfortunately I can't do that without information that you shouldn't put here. Please MeEmail me or email, however if you email, Memail too because its not my everyday address.
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You're right, Tom, that was not appropriate word choice on my part. You've got MeMail, thank you very much for your offer of assistance!
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