Finding cheesy commercial rock jingles
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I like cheesy rock commercial jingles such as this, this, and this. I'm looking for songs such as these.
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There are some terrible Bud commercial rock songs, like this one.
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ooh! How about the rockin' hook on this Tampax commercial?
or this Dr Pepper ballad
mmm LaBatt's blue
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Juicy Fruit - "The taste is gonna move ya."
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Man! I love these songs! Are you looking for more music from commercials, or music that is like music from commercials?

Ol' 55 by Tom Waits reminds me of 'nothin' ordinary about it.' I get 'nothin' ordinary' about in my head sometimes, and my brain automatically segues it to Waits.

The second link reminded me of this Ween song, which I believe was supposed to be used in a Pizza Hutcommercial that was never made.

This Bob Seger song covered by Thin Lizzy was probably appropriated by a commercial, considering it was kinda written as a commercial for Rosalie herself. Total taco commercial music. Bob Seger did Like A Rock, the super (cheesy) Chevy commercial.

I can remember the 59 79 99 menu. The taco supreme was just 79 cents. Mmmmm. Johnny Cash did a kinda cheezy 80's Taco Bell commercial even though it was in the early 90's. Johnny Cash was totally biting Hank Williams Jr.'s are you ready for some football joint.

Ah, seeing the title of your post again makes me realize you wanted more jingles. That'll be a minute. These songs still rock, though!
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Crossfire is like Dio. Mmmm. Not to speak ill of the recently departed, but it gives the guy a run for his money. I can think of a few more, but this rocks the hell out. I still think of it sometimes.

The first Taco Bell link is totally like the St. Elmo's Fire song.

If you describe more about what you like about those songs, I can see if I can help you out.
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Steel Panther
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Whoooooaaa Bodyform shaped for confidence, shaped for comfort, shapped for yoooouuu!
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How can you look past the classic Weetabix advert "Delilah?"

("He's only gone and had his Weetabix!"
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shushufindi, what I'm looking for are rock/heavy metal songs that were written for and used in tv jingles.

Thanks for the great suggestions; thank you bardic for recommending steel panther, even though it's not exactly what I was looking for when I wrote this question.
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