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Looking for group exercises aimed at professionals that can demonstrate how leadership works, or games the group can play where they have to organize themselves and perhaps undertake an activity or complete a task. Basically any ideas that are fun, gets the group laughing and thinking- and they leave believing I'm awesome.
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I've always had fun with these "survival" type tasks, where you are made part of a group that must choose, from a list, a limited number of items to take with you on a deserted island/lifeboat/bomb shelter/moonbase.
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A fun, easy warm-up to do is have everyone arrange themselves by birthday without talking.
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I did a leadership training thing once where most of the activities were crap. But one thing that was fun was called "Tangled."

Divide into groups of ~10. Stand in a circle with shoulders barely touching. Everyone extends their right hand to one other person across the circle (grasping either their right or left hands). With the left hand, grab a different person. Then ask them to untangle themselves without releasing anyone’s hand (twisting hand positions is acceptable, but no releasing).

It takes a bit of persistence, teamwork, and lots of communications/negotiations, but I thought it was a fun and simple thing with some RL implications.
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You'll find some overlap here. The two I posted relate directly.

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Check out Tom Wujek's Ted Talk: Build a [marshmallow] tower, build a team
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A teambuilding activity that I have used successfully is The Star. I also second the marshmallow tower activity.
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Improv Encyclopedia is very useful to me. and for a good place to ask the same question try the Applied Improv Network.
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