Wii group games?
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Buying a Wii game for my parents. They have the sports and resort games, I'd like it to be something that multiple people can play, ideally at a party, as that's when they use it the most. Great group Wii games?
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I'm listing these in the order of "most fun I've had at a party with"

Wario Ware Smooth Moves (the one annoying thing is you have to play single player for a little while to unlock multiplayer first)

Big Brain Academy Wii (kind of overlooked now but it's a lot of fun)

Mario Party 8
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The Raving Rabbid games are very fun for groups. Not entirely appropriate in very slight ways, so that may be a factor, but only because of burping, farting, etc.
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New Super Mario Bros Wii is actually a really good party game. It's a little more difficult than Wii Sports, but the way they made a four player simultaneous 2D Mario game is great. The single player game is good too.
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Boom Blox, or the sequel BoomBlox Bash Party. It's Jenga-type puzzle game using pretty good physics to make structures fall over or explode. When I get my own Wii, I'll probably get the second game first.
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It's an expensive proposition when you include the instruments but the wife and I have had a few game nights and people invarably flock to Rock Band 2 and Beatles Rock Band. Lots and lots of fun all around.

MarioKart Wii is another big hit, but you'd probably do well to have four steering wheels.
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Seconding Boom Blox and suggesting Super Monkey Ball. The single-player game is fun, but we get the most use out of the party games included with the game.
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Mario Kart, and seconding New Super Mario Bros
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Seconding any of the party Raving Rabbid games. Our favorite is the second one, I think, where you travel to different world regions and play games loosely tied to those regions.
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It is not a physical game you can buy but the Wiiware version of Tetris called Tetris Party includes versions of that game allowing for two player co-op Tetris as well as a four player competitive version of the game. Its quite fun.
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Williams Pinball Challenge!
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Boom Blox Bash Party has much, much better multiplayer than Boom Blox, and it's a fantastic party game.
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definitely agree with mmascolino about tetris party!

a great game for when you have people over. works well even if there are multiple people playing together with different skill levels, as you can set different difficulty levels for each player.

also, it's the cheapest option mentioned so far, as far as i can tell.
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Second Wario Ware Smooth Moves. It's every bit as fun for the spectators as it is for the players.
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2nding Mario Party 8. It's got a lot of fun, ridiculous minigames in it and can be played by people on teams if there are more than 4 people, trading off the wiimote. It's also pretty easy for newcomers to learn to play, since each minigame has a tutorial mode and instructions on how it works.

My uncle brought Rock Band over to my parents' place last Christmas and everyone enjoyed it even though no one (other than me and my Uncle) was really the video game playing type. Might be a bit pricy for your purposes but SOOOOO worth it.
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Bought the Boom Bash Blox Party and the folks dug it, though they're really just obsessed with the disc golf and bowling in the resort game.

If they didn't both have MeFi accounts, I woulda done this overt and given a best answer for that, but since they do, I didn't and can't.

For future reference though, the game was pretty sweet and my girlfriend and I really enjoyed it even if I think the adults didn't as much.
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